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Creating Killer Content: Some Top Tips

Written by Stephen on 24 January 2013

As I am sure you are aware, no-one knows what new algorithm changes we are going to be faced with, or how these will affect the SERPs (search engine results pages). However the search community have to a conclusion; well written, relevant content is the way forward. So, how do we know this? Google have made it pretty clear in their Webmaster Tools guidelines.

Moving forward I want to discuss the topic of creating content that is not only going to help you rank, but is going to be useful!

So how do we write great content? First, we need to understand what our audience want. Second, find your voice and tell it loud and proud! No matter if you are a one-man-band or you have a team of copywriters, be consistent!

You may decide to go for a corporate voice or prefer a distinctly more relaxed conversational tone. Whatever you choose, consistency is essential to building your brand personality.


Knowing what to write about is challenging but the solution is rather simple, look to your most important assets; your audience. Find what they are blogging about, tweeting, discussing on forums or on Facebook, these are just a few places to start your discovery process. Remember that Google is your friend, use is it to your advantage: be an active listener. I have included common approaches to content marketing are:

  • Informational Content Marketing
  • New Product Release
  • PR Articles
  • Topical Piece

Ultimately, research will dictate the content that you produce, but one thing is for sure. Good quality, relevant content is the key to forming meaningful relationships.


Content is not only vital for forging meaningful, trustworthy relationships, but it also plays a vital part in Search Engine Optimisation! By appropriately incorporating target keywords in conjunction with high quality, engaging content you should reap the rewards. Don’t be afraid to ask for social shares, likes and comments. Social media and in particular social shares are playing an increasingly important part in SEO and useful content is more likely to garner comments and shares than out-of date, useless content.

Content Diary

Developing a content diary or schedule is a great idea. A content diary will ensure that you know exactly what type of content is being posted and allow you to ensure that you allocate sufficient time and resources to the creative process! Believe me, it’s not that easy. If you find that it’s just not happening, don’t force it. Well thought-out high quality content is far superior that off the cuff reactive content.

The SEO team at Only Web are experts in creating high quality, optimised content that people love to share. Speak to us today.


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