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Go Mobile or Go Down

Written by Euan Harris on 23 March 2015
When Google announces an algorithm change, it would be unwise to ignore it. Their blog on 26th February about a mobile-friendly algorithm roll-out on 21st April certainly falls into that category. Find out what this means for you in our Only Web blog.

5 Easy Ways to Rocket Your Social Engagement

Written by Adam Holt on 16 March 2015
I often get asked to review the social media profiles and strategies of new and potential clients - to identify strengths and weaknesses before creating a new strategy that helps them get the most from their social media presence. This post will help you increase your own social media engagement through five simple and easy to do tasks that you can do every day.

Smiley Happy People - Why not to use the emoticon in your communications.

Written by Dav McKenzie on 06 March 2015
The world today has never been more connected thanks to technology. Every business, organisation and individual now have an avenue to communicate like never before. Daily thousands of organisations comment and debate on a wide range of issues on a wide variety of platforms including websites blogs and most social media platforms. The pace of this digital age can be quite overwhelming and not everyone has caught out. Today I'm starting things off with the humble smiley.

Get your content noticed by thinking smaller

Written by Chris Tapley on 27 February 2015
How do you get people to pay attention to your brand online? It’s a question which has troubled advertisers for years, and the answer is only getting more difficult to pin down thanks to the continual development of new online platforms.

How not to be sheepish on Twitter

Written by Dav McKenzie on 20 February 2015
Somewhere that I’ve noticed a lot of sheep-like behaviour is on Twitter. Digital platforms generally don’t comply with the old mentality of “build it and they will come” and there are plenty of people and organisations putting out content that people will not connect or engage with.

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