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Pay-Per-Click Management

Traditional advertising in the press and broadcast media is on the decline. Every day thousands more companies are waking up to the enormous potential of the internet.

With traditional advertising you buy space or time and reach an audience where the majority of people will not give your advert a second glance.

That's not the case with pay-per-click. Your advert can be right at the top of Google and it will not cost you a penny. You will only pay if someone actually clicks on your advert.

Traditional advertising operates like a machine gun. It sprays bullets everywhere and many of them are wasted.

Pay-per-click, on the other hand, has the precision of a sniper's rifle and nine times out of ten you will hit targets who really are interested in your product or service.

Instant commercial returns can be achieved from pay-per-click advertising. Return on investment can be amazing and the brand building potential of pay-per-click can be enormous.

We Know Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-per-click can also be considerably expensive as you are bidding against rivals - some of whom may have deeper pockets than you.

Those who don't know what they are doing can blow fortunes on the internet and not see the financial returns they expect. That's why you must entrust your pay-per-click campaigns to people who have the time, knowledge and expertise to manage them.

With Only Web PPC Management will watch your pennies and ensure we put pounds in your pocket. We will monitor your competition and ensure we out think them.

We will develop your strategy, roll out the campaign, manage thousands of keywords across multiple search engines and help you dominate your sector.

PPC Management to Protect Your Campaigns

We will also protect you from biding wars, avoid bid overpayment and keep you visible when customers want to buy in their language or time zone.

Our pay-per-click campaigns are targeted, monitored, accountable and we operate at lightning speed. We will be investing your money - but we will treat it as our own. That's why we charge a fixed monthly management fee that will not be linked to the size of your budget for clicks.

Our campaigns are extremely cost effective and your overall spend is likely to be less and the pay back considerably more than you running pay-per-click campaigns yourself.

Only Web Pay Per Click Management

Customer Reviews

"David and his team have been great in helping Nido migrate onto a whole new CMS system. Using their expertise and knowledge, our SEO and PPC efforts are continually improving. We are ranking better and can make necessary changes in a very timely manner which makes life so much easier. Nothing is ever too much trouble and David’s team is always quick to help and offer solutions when we need. I highly recommend Beattie Communications and am very happy with the service we receive."


Joanna Lorente, Marketing Manager
Nido Student Living

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